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  • Music Score Editor 2.58

    If you are interested in music and would like to write and print some songs, Music Score Editor will come in quite handy. This programme will help you
  • 3D Pinball High Score Editor

    You can edit Microsoft 3D Pinball for Windows high scores by using 3D Pinball High Score Editor. In this way you can make your friends and family
  • Professional Tag Editor (MP3/WMA) 2.0

    Professional Tag Editor provide environment to manage ID3 and WMA tagging.Some key features:- Rename files according to tag information- Use template
  • DTM SQL Editor Professional 2.03.05

    Work with your SQL scripts more effectively. Work with your SQL scripts more effectively. DTM SQL Editor Professional is a comprehensive
  • Together Workflow Editor Professional V2

    Together Workflow Editor is the first graphical Java Workflow Editor fully implementing WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) XPDL-Specifications (XML
  • Aurora Web Editor Professional 2007

    Visually create your own website. Make your Web site look professional using the included templates and over 100 royalty-free graphics and photos. You
  • BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor) 6.5

    MFC extension library that enables you to incorporate an advanced edit control into any MFC-based application.The Editor library implements the number
  • EngInSite Perl Editor Professional 2.4

    EngInSite Perl Editor is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts, which runs on Windows
  • Aurora Web Editor 2008 Professional 5.2.1

    Visually create your own website. Make your Web site look professional using the included templates and over 100 royalty-free graphics and photos. You
  • EmEditor Text Editor Professional 8.05

    EmEditor Text Editor Professional 8.05  is a lightweight, yet extendable, easy-to-use text editor for Windows. EmEditor is very customizable, and
  • SannySoft Perl Editor Professional

    SannySoft Perl Editor is a fully integrated developer environment. It has a various number of features which makes writing, editing and debugging Perl
  • eXPert PDF Editor Professional Edition 1.0

    eXPert PDF Editor is the only product available allowinf full pdf editing without the needs of external applications. With eXPert PDF Editor you can
  • Dataconomy Editor Professional Edition 1.0

    Using this program it is possible to manage text documents in a structured form. Text could be edited and formatted using rich text within
  • VideoPad Professional Video Editor 2.41

    VideoPad is professional video editing software for Windows. This program lets you edit video and movies. This video editing application allows you to
  • Dutch.s HTML Editor Professional 4.0

    Dutch.s HTML Editor Profesional v4.0 can easily be used by the inexperienced and veterans alike because it offers a tremendous amount of options, and
  • BestAddress HTML Editor 2009 Professional 18.2.0

    Creating websites has never been easier with this multi-award-winning HTML editor, suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Design webpages with
  • BestAddress HTML Editor 2012 Professional 18.0

    With BestAddress HTML Editor 2012 Professional you can create web pages, easy. Unlike many other HTML editors, the BestAddress HTML Editor even
  • EngInSite Perl Editor Professional (My SQL Client included) 3.0

    EngInSite Perl Editor is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts, which runs on Windows
  • LCL Score it! 2.02

    LCL Score it! Software to analyse your game Analyse your golf game. Helpfull statistics and graphics , handicapadministration,
  • Score First 1.0

    There are hundreds of physical competitions a year. And yet there doesn't seem to be anything out there to support the people who score the
  • Score 21 1.0

    Score 21 is a single player game where you play with five hands trying to get twenty one or as close to with each one. You have one deck to deal from,
  • Score A Million 1.00

    SCORE A MILLION is a trivia strategy game that will test your general knowledge as you answer a series of increasingly difficult questions over five
  • Score Chart 2.4

    Score Chart is presentation software for chord charts in a live band setting.Create songlists from the database, transpose and add songs 'on the
  • Score-Trainer 6.3

    Practice reading notes with MIDIMASTER SCORETRAINER. Notes are displayed on the screen the player has to play. The next notes are chosen depending
  • Score Trainer 7.0

    Score-Trainer is teaching software to advance note reading skills. Notes are displayed on the screen, which the pupils have to play. The computer
  • Meet Score Pro 1.3.0

    Meet Score Pro is a PC-based scoring and scoreboard system for use with ProScore. If you use ProScore to manage your gym's meets, Meet Score Pro is a
  • FRS Score Collector 1.0.4

    The handy software FRS Score Collector is specifically designed for printing as well as collecting and saving the scores hats why handy for parents
  • LiveCricket Score 1.0

    Now you can keep yourself up-to-date with the latest scores of cricket with handy LiveCricket Score
  • Score Book 14.01

    It's like a scoring booklet on your computer! Scoring baseball/softball games has entered the 21st Century... Take your portable computer to the
  • Score Keeper 6.0's Score Keeper software was the first "in quiz" software used at Bible Quiz Fellowship events. In 2003 all quizzes for the BQF national
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  • PDFtoMusic 1.2.1 B9EAE

    You often download score files in PDF format from the Internet, and you'd wish to hear them? You'd want to hear the Soprano part from the score your choir master owns on his computer? PDFtoMusic is designed for you.
  • musician 1.0.27

    an opensource java score sheet music editor A very simple java program to transform your keyboard in a pianola - music editor with a score where you can read and record the notes you play. Music edited can be saved as
  • Diablo Duel 1.0

    ==Win== Get 2000 score Win.== Kill 1 Npc get 1 score Kill other plays hero get 35 score Kill Diablo's Hero get 150 score ==Lose== Get 0 score Lose== Die lost 30 score. Category: Hero Arena Tileset: Cityscape Dimensions:
  • Capriccio 1.1.51

    Free score editor Capriccio - proffesional program for everybody Capriccio is a free score editor. Thanks to it you can create scores, play or export them to the popular formats such as pdf or jpg. On the website
  • Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold 2.3

    Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold 2.3 allows you to compose music by drawing notes on the staff with your mouse. Quartet X2 is a digital 12-channel audio composer, MIDI synthesizer, score editor, recording studio, and
  • Music Recognition System Pro 3.3

    WAVE to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MID : Recorded music can be converted into score! Maybe you have a particular sound file(wave or mp3 files) that you wish to transfer into your 7650 or other mobile telephone through
  • StatTrak K-ForCE PC Edition 2.0

    StatTrak K-ForCE enables you to score baseball and softball games play-by-play on your laptop, notebook, or tablet PC. Save games for future reference and print scoresheets and box score reports. score the most
  • LiquidFX Professional 4.5

    LiquidFX is a powerful and functional HTML editor. It has an easy to use interface with a heap of features built in. You can develop and manage professional web sites, design web graphics, use the wizard system to add
  • MC Musiceditor 7.0.3

    MC Musiceditor is free/open source (GPLv2) music notation software (Windows). It has been developed with only one purpose: to make life of musicians easier when making scores. This results in a userfriendly editor which
  • MagicScore Maestro 5 + WEB Publishing 5.350.

    Magicscore Maestro 5 + WEB Publishing - professional music notation software with ability to publish "live" sheet music in Internet , offering the most advanced capabilities for working with music and provides you a
  • Match Game 1.0

    The Match Game is fun for the whole family! It is a simple game where you try to score the highest points by removing the blocks from the screen. Great for de-stressing at the office or at home! The Match Game is a
  • WEbTide Mac OS X 1.3

    The WebTide text editor is a new Free HTML editor. It is designed to help web developers in creating fast and professional websites. It is also a programmer text
  • Yatcee! by Max 4.2

    Yatcee! is a nice and easy to play game with a simple interface. A turn is comprised of throwing the die up to three times to match a scoring option.Only one game is played (i.e., only one column), and the score is not
  • 3D Hockey 1.7

    The main task of this game is to score goals. Using your mouse you must hit the puck with the stick in such a way that you score a goal in opposite gates on the field. The winner is that who will score twelve goals. In
  • Credit Score Improvement Wizard Pro 2.0

    Credit score Improvement Wizard. Using this calculator will help you see how you can improve your credit score and dramatically reduce the amount of interest you pay on your outstanding loans. Contains references to
  • Golf Score Wizard 1.01

    Golf score Wizard is an easy to use score card tracker. Use it to record your score from each game and use it to track your improvements or problems. Create reports by course or time. You can set up your favorite golf
  • PHP 5.5.4

    PHP editor is a very quick PHP editor with a debugger and UTF-8 support. Features enable you to create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, while integrated tools allow you to
  • King 3.3

    Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can. The game is recommended for
  • MusicEase 8.2g

    Music score editor/automatic accompaniment creator which lets you create, edit, transpose, play, import scanned music (MusicXML files) and print engraver quality music notation without knowing music copyist rules. See
  • Darts Calculator 1.01

    A free flash darts calculator. Easily calculate the score for you 301 or your 501 game. Since a lot of people find keeping the score difficult,this keeps track of the score so there can't be a miscalculation, due to
  • Time and Score Keeper 1.0

    TSK (Time and score Keeper) is used for keeping score and/or as a timer for games such as Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, etc. For each player, it stores the highest score in one turn and highest game score. You can also
  • Chaser Patch 1.0

    Chaser is a first-person shooter action video game that offers several modes of play like: multiplayer games that are played either via LAN or Internet. Multiplayer support is handled via GameSpy as well as dedicated
  • WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.03

    WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with an advanced MIDI editor. The main function of the program is to transcribe Audio files into MIDI, and then to help with quick and efficient
  • ChuChu Rocket 1.0

    A remake of a puzzle game which appeared on the Sega Dreamcast, and Gameboy Advance. Use arrows to guide mice into your rockets, but don't let the cats in! Try to score more than the CPU opponents. Includes Survival
  • Mental3 1.0

    A game is five puzzles. Their scores are added together as a game-score which is added to the score-table. Left-click on two numbers.The smaller number is then subtracted from the larger number and added to the smaller
  • Allegro Darts 1.0

    In this version you can only play the simlpe bar room dart games such as 301, 501, 701 and 901. The rulse for these are simple and almost identical. You start with either 301, 501, 701 or 901 points (hence the names of
  • IMS Web Spinner 1.49

    IMS Web Spinner is our professional HTML web design tool. The program includes many advanced features such as a Rich Text to HTML editor, Vector Graphics, Image editor and FTP client publisher. IMS Web Spinner also
  • Reliability of Difference Scores 2.1

    A standalone Windows program that calculates the reliability of difference scores, given the reliability of two tests and the correlation between those two tests. A difference score is obtained by subtracting one test
  • OPSWAT Security Score

    OPSWAT Security score is a free tool that evaluates the status of your installed applications and provides a score for a snapshot view of your security status. Your score is based on the antivirus, antiphishing,
  • Tams11 TriPeaks

    Download and play this classic game of Tripeaks. Remove the cards from the board to win. Get a good enough score and see your name on the high score list. Features include a personal tally, high score list, and undo